5 new images of Shannon in the Glamour Gallery.

4 new images of Katie Bathory in the Glamour Gallery.

2 new images in the Gehenna Gallery and 1 new pic, "Nurse", in the Glamour Gallery's misc. section.

MERRY XXXMAS!! 5 new images of Diana Knight in the Glamour Gallery.

5 new images of Shelly Angel in the Glamour Gallery.

5 new images each of Azrielle and Alsana Sin in the Glamour Gallery. 3 new images in the Gehenna Gallery.

5 new images of Amanda Jilesse in the Glamour Gallery.

5 new images of Morrigan Hel and 5 images of Maki in the Fine Art Gallery. Also, one of my photos of the band Collide appears on page 34 of this month's JANE magazine.

Added a few shots of my beautiful wife Danielle Bedics, who is also talented photographer, to my Glamour Gallery. Check out some of her incredible retro photos and dark fairytale art at http://www.whiterabbitstudio.com

5 new images of Tuesday Coren as the ICE QUEEN in the Fine Art Gallery and 9 images from the recent HIMSA video shoot.

5 new images of Emily Marilyn and Tall Goddess in the Glamour Gallery and a new piece in the Gehenna Gallery.

As promised, six new sets have been added to the Glamour Gallery!

I have a ton of new photos I'll be adding over the next month or so. First up, in the Glamour Gallery are two new sets, one featuring Amanda Jilesse and one featuring Amanda and her naughty friend Jenny. In the GEHENNA gallery, I've added two new images.

Added a new pic of Emily Marilyn to my GEHENNA gallery and added styling credits to some of the photo sets.

5 new images of Bernie Dexter (my stylist!) and Carina in the Glamour gallery. I've also started a new gallery "Gehenna", which will feature shots from my book-in-progress as I finish them. First up, the lovely Miss Carina.

5 new images of bellydancer Alsana Sin in the Glamour gallery.

5 new images each of COLLIDE and THE RAZOR SKYLINE in the Band gallery.

5 new images of THE LAST DANCE and 5 new images of COLLIDE have been uploaded to the Band gallery.

5 new images of Elisabeth Annelie have been uploaded to the Glamour gallery.

5 new images of Amanda Jilesse (with vampire makeup by Frank I.) have been uploaded to the Fine Art gallery.

My first new shoot of the year! 5 new images of the wonderfully beautiful and talented Amanda Jilesse in the glam gallery. Stay tuned for her upcoming "vamp" set, which should be posted here in the next few days.

5 new images of Widow in the glam gallery

Today at 2PM, I will be signing copies of the SPECTRUM 9 Fantasy Art Collection at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA.

My piece, "AngelBot" is featured in this year's book along with several other artistsincluding Dennis Beckstrom, Tanner Goldbeck, Gris Grimly, Brian Horton, Paul Lee, Tony Mauro, Steve Rude, William Stout & Christopher Vacher, who will be on hand to sign copies as well.

In addition, I will have a small preview of my upcoming art book "BLACK RUST" to show as well as some prints for sale.

Dark Delicacies is at 4213 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505

I've restructured the gallery a bit by dividing it into 3 sections: glamour + portrait, bands & fine art. This should lessen the load time for you 56K modem kids. I've got a ton of new content that I'll be adding over the next few weeks. For now, I've uploaded 5 new images of the lovely Devra to the glamour + portrait gallery and 5 images of GODHEAD to the bands gallery.

5 new images of Deja Chan in the gallery

2 new images of Danielle in the gallery

2 new images of Nina and 5 new images of fetish grrl Kumi in the gallery

5 new images of the lovely Mistress Domiana and Analyn Blue in gallery

2 new images of Ashes Monroe are now up in the "Misc." section of the gallery

5 new images of Devra are now up in the gallery

5 new images of Bee Tran are now up in the gallery

5 new images of my 2nd shoot with Masuimi Max are now up in the gallery

5 new images of Suzanna Leigh are now up in the gallery

A bunch of new images have been posted to the gallery, including 11 stills from the music video "Pitiful" by BLINDSIDE (directed by Nathan "Karma" Cox), 2 color shots of Masuimi Max and 2 geisha-themed shots of the Wicked Talent girls for their upcoming feature in SKIN TWO.

I just finished a shoot with Suzanna Leigh of www.suzannaleigh.net on the 4th of July. This month will also see shoots Bee Tran and Kumi as well as another shoot with Masuimi Max.

Add 6 new images from my recent shoot with Texas-based goddess Masuimi Max of www.iamtrouble.com

I've added a banner for Masuimi, as well as one for Bee Tran and a new .cyberotika.net. banner to the links page.

A spiffy new .cyberotika.net. banner has been add to the links page!

Added 5 more images from my GEHENNA series to the Gallery.

Back in November 2001, video director Nathan "Karma" Cox invited me to join him on the set of Static-X's music video for "Cold" off the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED soundtrack. This was the first time I'd ever been on the set of a video and it was a great, if not totally surreal, experience. I'm thankful to Nathan, his co-director Joe Hahn (of Linkin Park) and Static-X for being totally cool during the 2 day shoot. Some of the stills that I shot are up now in the gallery.

CYBEROTIKA launches!

Location is an important factor in my work. I'm always looking for new and exciting places to shoot the beautiful women of CYBEROTIKA. If you've got a place you think would suit my work well, let me know!
CLICK HERE for details.

Interested in purchasing a print of your favorite Cyberotika image? Contact me at [email protected]

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